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Trail Regional Airport Economic Impact (2012)

Mr. Davies conducted analysis of air passenger services and general aviation activity for this study for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) led by Darryl Anderson of Wave Point Consulting Ltd.

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Omineca Beetle Action Coalition Air Traffic and Air Improvement Strategy (2011)

Philip Davies provided expert advice on regional economic trends and aviation activity for this project led by Wave Point Consulting Ltd. in cooperation with Roy Matson of RMAT Consulting.

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Vanderhoof Airport Marketing Study (2011)

Mr. Davies conducted analysis of general aviation activity and market potential for this study for the District of Vanderhoof.

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Wapiti Airlines vs Her Majesty the Queen (2007)

Mr. Davies was engaged by the Department of Justice as an expert in airline economics to assist in defence against a civil lawsuit related to Transport Canada aviation regulatory activities. This project included an assessment of the impact of regional economic activities and major projects on local air passenger demand in Grande Prairie, Fort MacMurray …

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Air Transportation

From 1988 to 1996 Mr. Davies managed the aviation forecasting program for regional airports and air navigation groups in Transport Canada‚Äôs Western Region, encompassing Alberta and the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Activities in this position included preparation of annual reviews of aviation activity in Alberta and the North, and application of specialized forecasting techniques for …

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