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Efficiency in port operations is essential for maintaining competitiveness. Davies Transportation Consulting Inc. has completed projects on a broad range of operational issues related to terminal operations, port services and infrastructure.

Opportunities for Shortsea Shipping of Containers in BC’s Lower Mainland (2007)

While with IBI Group Mr. Davies acted as Project Manager for this study for Transport Canada to evaluate the viability of intraregional shortsea shipping of containers by barge.

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Port of Portland T6 Wireless Network (2007)

IBI Group was lead consultant on this project to assess alternative configurations and options for implementing a wireless network to support operations at the Port of Portland’s T6 container terminal.

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Port Scan Project (2008)

Mr. Davies was Project Manager for this study for the BC Ministry of Transportation Climate Action Program.

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Fraser River Dredging Study (2008)

Mr. Davies undertook this project for Port Metro Vancouver in cooperation with Jonathan Seymour & Associates to evaluate potential commercial opportunities from enhancement of the main navigational channel of the Fraser River.

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Prince Rupert Docking Tug Study (2008)

In cooperation with Jonathan Seymour & Associates, Mr. Davies participated in a project for Prince Rupert Port Authority to examine the competitiveness of current docking tug arrangements at Prince Rupert, and to recommend options for reducing costs.

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Assessment of Options for Reducing Truck Queues at Port of Seattle Container Terminals (2010)

This project was undertaken for the Port of Seattle to identify options for reducing truck queues related to port terminal operations which affected traffic on City of Seattle streets in early 2010.

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